Gay and Lesbian Adoption

I received excellent service from the staff and Mr. Pine with the adoption of my two children. The office was punctual with everything, informative and very personable. The day of the actual adoption Mr. Pine was very helpful and made me feel very comfortable. The professionalism and compassion was hands down exceptional.

Gay and Lesbian Adoption

New Jersey Adoption Attorney for Same-Sex Couples

New Jersey is one of the friendliest states for gay and lesbian couple adoptions in the entire country. The state was the first to specify that sexual orientation and marital status cannot be used to discriminate against couples who are seeking to adopt. New Jersey allows second-parent adoptions, which is a legal process by which a co-parent can adopt the biological or adopted child of his or her partner regardless of marital status. If you are a same-sex couple or a gay or lesbian individual who is looking to expand your family through adoption, do not hesitate to contact a New Jersey Adoption Attorney Pine & Steinberg, LLC.

Work with Pine & Steinberg, LLC to determine which type of adoption may be right for you:

Single (Individual) Adoption — Individual adoption is the traditional type of adoption in which a person seeks to adopt a child who has been made available for adoption by the birth parent(s) or by the state.

Joint Adoption — In a joint adoption, a couple petitions the court to adopt a child who has been made available for adoption by the birth parents(s) or by the state.

Second-Parent Adoption, or Co-Parent Adoption — Second-parent adoption involves one parent who already has legal rights to the child and a second parent who is petitioning for joint parental rights. The initial parent does not give up his or her parental rights. This type of adoption often occurs when one partner has already adopted a child and the other partner later wants to adopt the same child. Adoptions by co-parents also frequently include domestic partners and births through artificial reproductive technology. In cases involving artificial insemination, it is important to legalize the parental relationship in order to give the non-birth parent the same rights as the birth parent or to transfer parental rights completely.

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It is important for a co-parent to officially adopt his or her child, even if the co-parent is already in a civil union with or legally married to the child's parent. While many states will recognize and honor a New Jersey civil union or same-sex marriage, the parental rights may be dismissed in other states without a legal adoption. This process is also necessary if the co-parent wants to be listed on a birth certificate. A co-parent should officially adopt his or her child to ensure that their parental relationship is valid no matter where in the United States they may travel. For more information, contact Pine & Steinberg, LLC today and schedule an adoption consultation with the firm.