I emailed Jenifer out of the blue one day 4 years ago when I needed to do a second parent adoption. Jenifer was so personable and professional and handled our adoption so smoothly. When I gave birth to our second son, my wife needed to adopt him, and we reached out to Jenifer again. Again, a quick and smooth process! We are so happy with Pine and Steinberg!

Adoption Representation in New Jersey

At the law firm of Pine & Steinberg, LLC, you can be confident that your adoption case is in good hands. The firm stands ready to provide quality representation and trusted legal counsel to ensure that your adoption process is quick, accurate, and as easy as possible. Unlike other firms, Pine & Steinberg, LLC is not limited to one county; the firm serves couples and individuals throughout New Jersey to provide dedicated customer service to clients seeking adoption assistance.

Pine & Steinberg, LLC offers representation for the following types of cases:

Traditional Adoption
Families looking to adopt children internationally or domestically can work with Pine & Steinberg, LLC. The firm has a history of success in handling adoption cases, and we may be able to help you as well. For more information, contact the firm as soon as possible.

Stepparent Adoption
Spouses of a child's biological parent may be eligible to adopt through the process of stepparent adoption. There are specific laws and regulations that you will need to follow, so make sure that you contact Pine & Steinberg, LLC to discuss your matter.

Grandparent Adoption
In some cases, biological grandparents may be eligible to adopt minor children. These situations are assessed on a case-by-case basis. In order to determine your eligibility, you should contact Pine & Steinberg, LLC right away.

Co-Parent Adoption
Co-parents include domestic partners, same-sex couples, and births through artificial reproductive technology. To learn more about co-parent adoptions and to determine if this is the right adoption process for you, schedule a consultation with Pine & Steinberg, LLC.

Gay and Lesbian Adoption
Same-sex couples can adopt children both internationally and domestically with the assistance of Pine & Steinberg, LLC. Whether you are looking to adopt as a single parent, or as a couple, it is important that you have trusted representation on your side!

Foster Care Adoption
You can adopt a child in New Jersey in numerous ways, one of them being through a foster care arrangement. To learn more about your eligibility to adopt a foster child, contact Pine & Steinberg, LLC today and speak with the trusted attorney.

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The adoption process can be lengthy, and without the representation of the right attorney, you may have multiple hurdles to overcome. Pine & Steinberg, LLC can thoroughly review your situation and determine which course of legal action can provide you with the outcome that you deserve. We can help make your adoption proceed more quickly and easily. For more information about your eligibility to adopt, schedule an adoption consultation today!

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