Traditional Adoption

I emailed Jenifer out of the blue one day 4 years ago when I needed to do a second parent adoption. Jenifer was so personable and professional and handled our adoption so smoothly. When I gave birth to our second son, my wife needed to adopt him, and we reached out to Jenifer again. Again, a quick and smooth process! We are so happy with Pine and Steinberg!

Traditional Adoption

New Jersey Adoption Attorney

A variety of types of adoption are available to New Jersey residents, and determining which course of action may be appropriate for you can seem daunting. At the office of Pine & Steinberg, LLC, you can be confident that your case is in good hands. Pine & Steinberg, LLC can thoroughly review your situation and provide you with adoption advice and experience. When you work with the firm, you can be sure that you will be kept in contact with attorney throughout the case and that all of your questions and concerns will be answered promptly.

Agency Placements

Agency adoptions occur when a child who is to be adopted has been received by the adopting parents from an adoption agency that has been approved by the state. There are many adoption agencies, and Pine & Steinberg, LLC can help you determine which agency is right for you. The prospective parents must meet with a caseworker from the agency and have a pre-placement report, or home study, performed. The parents must provide social history, medical history, financial status, and other important information. Once the parents are approved, the agency can match a child with them.

Private Placements

Private placement adoption is when the child to be adopted is placed with the adopting parents privately by the biological parents without the assistance of an agency. The prospective adoptive parents must still retain an agency and meet with a caseworker from the agency to have a home study performed. The adoptive parents must provide social history, medical history, financial status, and other information.

International Adoptions & Re-Adoptions

Many parents who adopt a child outside of the United States want to adopt or re-adopt in the United States. Re-Adoption in the United States allows an adoptive parent to obtain a United States birth certificate and a United States Judgment of Adoption. In some countries, the child is placed in the adoptive parent's care and the adoption is finalized in the United States.

Work with Pine & Steinberg, LLC

Numerous agencies throughout the United States place babies and older children with adoptive parents. Each agency has its own requirements for adoptive parents. The adoption process can seem daunting. To determine which adoption situation is best for you, it is imperative that you retain the representation of the experienced New Jersey adoption lawyer at Pine & Steinberg, LLC right away.

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